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Program Details:

Your BIG Income Builder is the business that puts the REAL money on your kitchen table. I'm talking big juicy numbers. In other words this is sort of like a flagship product, the one that your business requires in order to make real serious long-term residual income that grows and grows and grows.. and grows.

With the Prosperity Marketing System your Primary Business is your back-end product. First your prospect purchases the Prosperity Membership Upgrade, of which you earn 100% commissions. That's your front-end product... some people call it the funded proposal. What that basically means is it helps you make some extra income and offset any expenses right away. With our system you are able to plug-in a primary back-end product... a product that your new student is going to buy every single month, and put serious money in your pocket every single month. Continuity and RESIDUAL month after month income is the key to growing outrageous income.

Now of course this means you need to spend a little money to either:

  • Join under your sponsor's Big Income Builder and then turn around and use that as your Big Income Builder too.


  • Brand any existing business opportunity or affiliate program you are already participating in into your own Prosperity Marketing System.

Think of this as renting your office space. If you were going to start an offline business you need to have your own office, you wouldn't be working out of the trunk of your car (if you did hardly nobody would buy from you). Except the cost of having your Big Income Builder pales in comparison because the cost is significantly less.

Below you will see your sponsor's BIG Income Builder. Now because the Prosperity Marketing System is unique and customized for each person.. what you will see will vary. In general, they will provide details about the business and anything they believe you should know before joining... which in some cases may be very little. In all cases you will see an affiliate link, and you should join under their link if you choose the option of branding the system using the same program they have used. If you choose not to use their program than your other option is to pay a one-time fee of $97.00 (for the Owner Add-On) which gives you the ability to list your own Primary Business (this can be any home business, mlm, or affiliate program you choose). If you have any questions you need answered about your sponsor's primary business then please contact them.. to do that go to their profile here (new window will open).

Once you join the program below, contact Albie so he can add your link to your Sponsors Page and that way anyone you refer to the Prosperity Marketing System will be joining that program under you!

Important Reminder: You will earn monthly 100% commissions on any of your referrals who purchase the Owner Add-On, just like the Student membership. What does this mean to you? It means you will earn money if your referral joins your primary business (of course), but also if they DON'T join your primary and instead purchase the Owner Add-On. In addition, it does not replace the Student membership so you will continue to earn monthly income. This way you make money either way!


Option 1: Join the Program Below


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BIG Income Builder HERE


The Power Lead System

Make unlimited styles of squeeze pages, funnel pages (with autoresponder) with the Power Lead System. Explore their vast online marketing education series and earn great residual $ by promoting this popular system!

This is a great way to explode your earnings by promoting the Prosperity Marketing System and having your referrals join you in the Power Lead System.

You can take a FREE Seven Day test run of it here: CLICK HERE TO GO TO SPONSORS LINK


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Option 2: Purchase Prosperity Owner Add-On For $97 One Time

  • Enables You To Brand any existing business opportunity or affiliate program you are already participating in into your own Prosperity Marketing System as your "Primary Business" (edit the section above this).

  • This is an alternative to joining your Sponsor's Primary Business above - You do NOT need to purchase this if you wish to use the same primary program as your sponsor, or if you wish to ignore this section of the system and have your referrals not join you in any primary business.

  • This is a One-Time payment of $97.00. You will still be billed for the Student membership - it does NOT replace it.

Go to My Subscription page to purchase the add-on.

Once purchased, come back to this page and you will immediately be able to customize your primary program.


Have Questions? Connect with me .here

We're looking forward to working with you! 

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